On 18/11/2011 5:02 AM, Sqwertz wrote:
> You may not eat anything that did not originate from the freezer until
> further notice.
> You may not buy anything for the freezer OR refrigerator until further
> notice.
> I just had to sacrifice 10 pounds of ice. And that was after I took
> a whole chicken, 2 lbs of salami, and 3lbs of turkey pastrami to thaw.
> And I ate 4 small chicken thighs and potato wedges for breakfast.

When are you expecting your next heart attack?

BTW, I am curious, is Sqwertz the sound your fat folds make when you try
to move around? Sort of "squish, flub, sqwertz"? Do you have one of
those little electric fat scooters yet? Or is that on your Xmas list?

No wonder Americans are so fat, they can't stop shovelling food into
their faces. Four chicken thighs and potato wedges. That is two adult
meals from a fast food outlet.