Sqwertz wrote:
> I've still got at least 6lbs of hot dogs in the freezer and I'm
> running out of topping ideas.
> I have used all combinations of: ketchup (curry, regular, no HFCS),
> mustard (honey, whole grain, dijon, chilli, spicy brown, jalapeno),
> mayo (Tabasco, regular, bacon-flavored), pickles (hot, sweet,
> Stackers, spears, hot and sweet, refrigerator, relish (hot, sweet, hot
> and sweet, neon)), bacon, cheese (fontina, American, Delice de
> Borgnone, Swiss, greyuere, limburger), proscuitto, pepperoni, peppers
> (sport, jalapeno (pickled, raw), pepperoncini), kimchi (cabbage,
> cucumber), chilli (con carne, with beans, all beans, no beans),
> sauerkraut, cucumber, tomato, salami, BBQ sauce (North Carolina, South
> Carolina, Texas, Memphis), corn dogs, pancakes, mushrooms, onions
> (red, white, yellow, grilled, caramelized, raw), hummus, pancetta,
> chipotle sauce, marinated carrots and daikon, mam nem, cilantro,
> chopped peanuts...
> And I think that covers it. What obscure gem of a hot dog topping am
> I missing?
> -sw

I know you have tried it, just forgot to mention it.
But just in case, Sriracha sauce. Makes any combination above new and
Well, almost.