On Fri, 13 Jan 2012 21:12:42 -0600, Sqwertz <swertz@cluemail.compost>

>Now that I can't find any more mayocoba beans, what's the second best
>bean to use for ham and bean soups?
>I have been making and eating a lot ham and bean soup/stew/whatever.
>This country ham I bought, if not good for anything else, really makes
>the beans shine!
>I think I ended using navy beans this morning - I was torn between
>which one to buy. But whew, am I farting now! I don't usually get
>that from beans.
>Pound of beans, randomly chunked/sliced ham with plenty of small bits,
>1 onion, 3 garlic, a whole dried chipotle chile ripped in half,
>chicken base, white pepper, little thyme, water. Simmer. Next batch
>I have the whole ham bone to use (with plenty of ham on it). But I
>need a new bean.
>And I still have half the ham in the freezer (boneless)

I'd say great northern but I usually get the multi bean mixes. One of
the stores here private labels them and they're great.