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>> On Mar 27, 12:52*pm, "Crap Detector" <detec...@live.ca> wrote:> These numbers were from a tracking poll mentioned by Karl Rove. *Google the
>>> phrase "Obama scolded" to find out more.

>> More made up **** from an America hating foreigner. * All the
>> desperate right have now are their distortions and lies. * No wonder
>> they got slaughtered in the election.
>> http://www.13wham.com/news/local/sto...amas-Popularit...
>> "Zogby told Rotarians the approval of congressional Republicans is
>> just 26 percent. By contrast, 45 percent approve of the direction the
>> country is headed, which is a huge jump from January˘s numbers.
>> "He gets better numbers on the economy than the Republicans do. *Far
>> better numbers," Zogby said of his poll results."

> ***
> He is giving away other people's money. It is **** like you who favor
> that kind of demagoguery.

this is my group, so get out! i wont tell you again!

Mike... . . . .
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