Giusi wrote:
> "bugbear" <> ha scritto nel messaggio news:gvCdndQLDNJlrYXVnZ2dnUVZ8qugnZ2d@plusnet...
>> Following my recent epiphany with coarse mince,
>> can anyone offer informed opinion on the performance
>> differences, either in use or result, between
>> the disc style mincers (e.g. spong)
>> and the bladed mincers (e.g. porkert)?
>> BugBear

> Unless you go into business you'll never need anything more than what you call a Sprong (in the USA it was a Gem) and the product is much better than whirling blades. The blades engender stringiness. The hand mincer is useful for loads of other things, too.

Sorry; I wasn't explicit in that second link.

*some* hand mincers have cutting blades (not disks)

It was the performance and behaviour of the
two kinds of hand mincers I was enquiring after.