Back in the late '70's my buddy and I went into a restaurant in
Mazatlan. This restaurant was for Mexicans. Not gringos. Far off
the beaten path and all that what. Anyway all we wanted was a lousy
beer for cripes sakes. So we sat down and ordered 2 beers. And what
came with it?
Well the waiter brought us 2 large bowls of chicken soup with chicken
feet in the soup and a stack of tortillas. All included in the price
of a beer. The soup was excellent although I skipped eating the
That reminds me of the first time I ate Mexican stall food. This was
in 1974. There is/was a market in Acapulco that is/was off the beaten
path. It's a Mexican thing; didn't see any gringos there.
I ate the most dynamite shrimp soup I ever had. Que Bueno!
Best potato soup ever: Panama City in Panama. Seasoned with stuff I
had never tasted before. But out of this world.