[email protected] wrote:
> There are probably half as many meatloaf recipes as there are
> families in North America. I've searched recipe databases and
> Google ad infinitum, and probably made a couple hundred meatloafs
> myself, but what I'm looking for is input from the dedicated and
> knowledgeable people in this group.
> My Mom's meatloaf was always tasty and non-elaborate (i.e
> not a whole lot of exotic ingredients, just onion, beef, spices and I
> guess some kind of binder like breadcrumbs and egg), but it was moist,
> melt-in-your-mouth soft. I have tried many times to duplicate her
> creation, unfortunately she passed away 10 years ago and rarely
> worked from printed recipes. She liked to keep her secrets; probably
> wouldn't have told me her meatloaf recipe anyway, would have said
> discover it yourself just like I did.

Mom's favorite recipe started with equal parts of ground beef, veal, and
fresh pork. She did use breadcrumbs and egg, as I recall. Often sauced
with something as simple as catchup, but the best was to pour over the
loaf (in the bread pan) the juice from a can of peaches, and top the
loaf with peach halves before baking!