On Nov 23, 11:19*am, Sqwertz <swe...@cluemail.compost> wrote:
> I have discovered that you can make a blue cheese from cream cheese
> simply by putting unwrapped gorgonzola dulce on top of unwrapped cream
> cheese and aging it in the fridge for a few weeks.
> This was an accidental experiment.
> Tonight's experiment will be much more controlled. *I will
> methodically inoculate the purest cream cheese I can find with
> Papilion Roquefort cheese to make a blue "Gorgonzola Sqwertz".
> Place your bets now on the outcome.
> -sw

You can grow a nice brie rind on real cream cheese. Most of the cream
cheese I can get has added "stabilizers". (I think they stabilize cold
spreadability.) Carageenan or Guar gum, usually. They give the cheese
a cloying mouth feel and can be slightly nauseating whens eaten in
thick chunks. My kids referred to unadulterated (my opinion is
showing) cream cheese as "crumbly cream cheese" because of the way it
behaves at fridge temperature. I can buy it in Berkeley (I don't
remember the name of the store, but JL will know) and in A&Ps in
Canada. Made with the real stuff, cream-cheese brie is a gourmet's

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