On 19-Jan-2009, "Dimitri" <[email protected]> wrote:

> Because of circumstances I quite often have a piece of say New York Steak
> or
> a nice piece of Sirloin leftover.
> Sometimes I just slice it and eat it cold as a snack with some dip (A-1 or
> some such). Sometimes a piece of bread and a spread, other times a Steak
> Salad.
> How do you use a leftover chunk of beef?
> Dimitri

As a sandwich:
- on hard roll, smothered in sauted onions and a bit of fresh, coarse-ground
black pepper
- on French bread, thin sliced, with sauted onions and peppers, topped with
provolone cheese
- simply reheated and served alongside eggs and toast for b'fast
- if its a thick-cut (not my usual choice), butterflied and stuffed with a
bit of gongonzola then heated in oven until heated through and the cheese is
very soft
- diced, with diced potatoes to make a beef hash; served with eggs
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