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> A few days ago we had whole grilled pork tenderloins (with a spice rub)
> when our 8 yr. old grandson stayed overnight with us. He's a
> "selective" eater and he loved it with oven roasted fingerling potatoes,
> acorn squash, and applesauce.
> Last night I cut the remains into thin slices, then into slivers.
> I stir fried lots of thinly sliced onions and slivered red and yellow
> peppers, then added the pork, some tamari, sesame oil and five spice
> powder and thickened slightly with a slurry of cornstarch and water.
> Served over rice with sliced mangoon the side, it was terrific.
> gloria p

Sure sounds like it! :-) Yum!
Peace! Om

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