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> Hi. I have a question about this recipe which I got from I get a
> recipe of the day every day, and this one was from Monday. I've never made
> jambalaya before and this seems like an easy recipe. But I'm not sure about
> the
> chicken part. It says one pound of boneless, skinless breasts cut into
> pieces.
> The directions only says to put the (raw) chicken in the pot at the end and
> cook
> until the chicken is done. So, am I boiling the chicken? How long should it
> take? I sure as hell don't want raw or undercooked chicken. And in those
> directions, does that mean cook the rice five minutes longer than the chicken
> takes? Just unsure about the whole thing. Thanks.

Use a thermometer. For chicken, 155 F for 45 seconds, 160 F for 15
seconds, or 162 F instantly, will take care of salmonella.