'Hank[_2_ Wrote:
> ;1091367']Ok so everytime I make rice or spanish rice with tomato sauce
> it
> always ends with the rice being like paste. I put 2 cups in water so
> it can soak to get the startch off but whatever I do, it always comes
> out like clumpy and pastey. I notice moreso when I put tomato sauce in
> it.
> I put the rice in the pan and pour water in it (obviously) and it
> seems fine, but right when I put the tomato sauce in, thats where the
> problem begins. Any advice?

Try canned crushed tomatoes instead of sauce. Tomato sauce is thick
and sticky and I think it ruins the texture of the rice. When I make
Spanish rice, I add a can of chopped or crushed tomatoes instead and it
turns out great. Let me know, and I can post the recipe here-- it makes
nice Spanish rice. (Then again, I hate that thick, too-tomatoey spanish
rice made with tomatoe sauce. If you like that sort of thing you
probably won't like my recipe.)