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> On February 1st of this year, Hershey's finished the closure of it's
> Oakdale, California plant which eliminated the largest employer in
> Oakdale with the loss of 575 jobs. The 575 jobs are now in Monterrey
> Mexico. Very nice for Monterrey huh? Oakdale is the home of a very
> successful Chocolate Festival in the summer. Luckily, the chocolate
> festival will not disappear, mostly because chocolate is a big industry
> here in California and the city leaders hoped that continuing the
> festival might make the plant more attractive to another company. Their
> move was apparently brilliant. A company is already stepping in to use
> the Hershey facility and to help fill in the job blank that Hershey's
> left.
> Sconza Candy is coming to Oakdale to use the same facility and to
> reemployee some people that California just can't afford to have
> unemployed. Sconza candies are only available in a couple of stores
> here in the Modesto/Oakdale area since this company is apparently
> originally based in Oakland in the bay area. We will definitely be on
> the lookout to support Sconza candies from now on. They will go into
> production at this factory in the fall originally with around 100
> employees. It was be a Hershey replacement right off the bat, but it
> will get there.
> Just my little bitch about jobs being outsourced away from hard-working
> Americans and endorsement of an American Company.
> Cindi

When I worked in an IT department at American Express, we were abruptly
notified on a Friday that the entire division was being outsourced to India
that Friday was out last day of work.


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