Michael "Dog3" <don'[email protected]> wrote:

> I honestly enjoy eating French cuisine. OTOH, I don't enjoy making it. I
> don't enjoy it because I am far too inept in the kitchen to master it very
> well. It's probably just me but French cooking, in the gourmet sense, is
> very complicated to me.

What is "French cuisine" to you? "Haute cuisine"? "Cuisine
bourgeoise"? "Cuisine campagnarde"? Only the first can be really
complicated, but on that level, every country's would be - and the
European ones, as well as many others, would be heavily

Get thyself _Cooking with Pomiane_ by Edouard de Pomiane, _French
Country Cooking_ by Elizabeth David and _Bistro Cooking_ by Patricia
Wells, cook a few dishes and then tell me if you still think it is so
incredibly complicated.