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> >> I had gotten kind of burned out on pasta and we hadn't eaten it in a
> >> while. But then my mom called and asked me to pick up a certain kind
> >> of whole wheat noodles for her. *So we went to Central Market, knowing
> >> they have a big pasta section and hoped they would have them. *Well
> >> they did!

> >> But they also had all sorts of gluten free pasta that was new to us. *
> >> We bought a package of each, including a big bag of expensive
> >> Radiatore imported from Italy.

> >> I cooked the Radiator tonight and oh my is it good! *Fred Meyer had a
> >> ridiculous sale on their own brand of pasta sauce with a large jar for
> >> 99 cents! *Normally I would pass up such thing, fearing high fructose
> >> corn syrup or soybean oil. *But this stuff didn't have that at all. *I
> >> chose a jar with several cheeses in it. *Added a little more cheese
> >> because I had a small chunk of Parmesan and another of Asiago. *More
> >> Parmesan on top. Yes, the granular stuff. *I don't know why but my
> >> husband and daughter prefer that kind. *It wasn't even Kraft. *It was
> >> the Hytop brand.

> >> But the end result? *Excellent! *I made extra because we'll need alot
> >> of quick meals this week. *Gonna make the meatloaf later to have
> >> tomorrow. And then we'll have the leftover pasta the day after that. *
> >> Yum!

> > I am not a food snob; am guilty of using all manner of mixes and
> > shortcuts. But. *A jar of pasta sauce ? *The very notion makes my
> > eyeteeth hurt. Do your expensive Radiatore a favor and make the sauce
> > yourself. *Polly

> I bought a #10 can (about a gallon) of Heinz fully-prepared pizza
> sauce at Sam's Club a couple of weeks ago. *Does that make me a bad
> person? *;-) *It cost a little less than $4. *Haven't opened it yet
> but will soon, and use it for homemade pizzas and maybe in lasagna.
> -Bob

Some here, I'm sure, will think you should return it.