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> Biofuel production will contribute to the avoidable deaths of at least
> between 10 and 20 million people in the year 2008. Economists
> estimate that 30 million people could be going hungry in Bangladesh
> alone. 4 billion humans live in poverty, and biofuel production will
> push millions of the poorest families into the clutches of death,
> thanks to our leaders turning mountain's of food into fuel. Unless
> the biofuel bandwagon is stopped, by the year 2020 the world will be
> diverting 400 million tons of grain each year into ethanol production,
> which is equal to the entire current global rice harvest. There have
> been food riots in 22 countries, and 33 nations face political
> instability as staple food prices have risen 83% in the last 3 years
> according to the World Bank. Biofuel production is equivalent to a
> new tax on food that starves the poor in order to feed money to rich
> agricultural corporations.

This is just the first, and most obvious, of the age of unintended and
unrecognized consequences due to the man-made global warming hysteria
bandwagon. Blame Al Gore.

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