On 4/13/2012 8:33 PM, Hunter Gibson Jr. wrote:
>> Eric Holder's End Game: Stealing The November Elections

> Holder is powerless.
> Mitt's gonna win because everybody loves a Mormon. Who doesn't adore
> Donnie and Marie Osmond?
> And how his wife raised those 5 kids all by herself with no help, it's
> amazing! She could have hired people to do it, but she didn't.

I wonder just how much "hired help" she may have had. No maids,
gardeners, housekeepers, cooks, chauffeurs, nannies, personal
assistants, no help at all?

In any case, it's pretty darn irrelevant to her husband's campaign, so
long as she not trying to pass herself and her family off as anything
other than very wealthy and privileged, and without much experience of
the day-to-day hardships most American families face.