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Subject: "Re: Was Darwin a Sodomite?" :

>u4z wrote:

>> "In the discussion on Sexual Selection in my 'Descent of Man,'
>> no case interested and perplexed me so much as the
>> brightly-coloured hinder ends and adjoining parts of certain
>> monkeys. As these parts are more brightly coloured in one sex
>> than the other, and as they become more brilliant during the
>> season of love, I concluded that the colours had been gained as
>> a sexual attraction." - Charles Darwin
>> http://www.darwin-literature.com/The...Of_Man/24.html
>> Legally speaking, Sodomy infers "crimes against nature".
>> My conclusion: Yes, Darwin was a closet Sodomite based on
>> his own words. Monkey asses interested him more than anything
>> else.
>> What do you think?
>> u4z

>Darwin? Perhaps.
>But Jesus must have been one. He preferred the company of men.
>Never married and the only woman he knew well was a whore. Probably a
>Fag Hag.
>Besides, only a leftist Queer would have kicked the capitalist money
>changers from the Temple.
>Real men embrace capitalism.

Argumentum non sequitur