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> Michael "Dog3" wrote:
>> "Julie Bove" <[email protected]> dropped this
>> news:AFWwj.2891$my3.2155@trndny06: in rec.food.cooking
>>> I think sometimes they think some of us are so dissatisfied with this
>>> group that we're just dying to find some other group where we can
>>> discuss our interests.

>> Yeah but... who would we argue with then

> Is there anything to indicate that these people even know this group?
> Aren't they just the usual Google spammers, spamming anything with "food"
> or "cooking" in the name (and thinking they are "Google Groups", of
> course)? (I'm assuming this was just more **** from GG; I'm not going to
> bother looking at it.)
> --
> Blinky

Of course you're correct, Blinky dear. The OP posted and ran, just like
they all do, except for the ones who post the same SPAM for purses, watches,
etc. multiple times. I don't know what they're thinking. As if one day
we're gonna wake up and say, "Hey! That link was posted 10 times! Maybe I
really should click on it and buy a bunch of crap!!" LOL