On 2-Oct-2008, "Dimitri" <[email protected]> wrote:

> So I keep on the counter - Hot Pot, (coffee pot in the bedroom) food
> processor, Knife rack, 1 microwave a canister set, and finally the toaster
> oven and the toaster.
> How about you?

- French press (4 cup) or vacuum coffe maker (8 cup), depending of time of
year; I drink more coffee in fall and winter.
- Convection/toaster oven
- Vintage Kitchenaid burr coffee grnder
- Kitchenaide stand mixer
- Hot pot
- Breadman abm

- Knife rack probably doesn't count in my case; it is a pull-down,
under-cabinet model; spice rack too.
- Microwave is not on counter but sits in a range-hood/microwave-shelf combo
above the stove.
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