On Oct 23, 10:14*am, "john d hamilton" <blues...@mail.invalid> wrote:
> Helping to clear out an old garden shed in London u.k., we found this
> cleaver.
> Its pretty ancient probably from about 1910 or so.
> Some think it's a woodworking tool or similar, and others think its a
> butchers cleaver, although some think not, because butchers cleavers are
> usually much bigger and you can see from the photo it's really quite small.
> it also has the number 6 stamped on the blade. * anyone any idea what its
> original purpose was likely to be? * thanks.
> photo on tinypic website:http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=33y5a9u&s=4

Looks like a cleaver to me. It would be very useful for chopping up a
chicken, for instance, or ribs or something - much bigger, and it
would be pretty heavy, no?

I can't think of anything it could do as a woodworking tool that a
better, smaller tool couldn't do better.