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> >Yes, wooden skewers about 6 inches long. *More traditionally, it was
> >alternating pieces of veal and pork. *Typically, it was breaded and browned
> >in fat in a skillet, then baked covered with a small amount of broth added
> >until tender.

> Pieces of veal and pork? *It's not much a drumette in that case. *I
> envisioned ground veal and pork shaped into a meatball on a stick!
> --
> I love cooking with wine.
> Sometimes I even put it in the food.

Not in the American Midwest - it was just cubed and put onto a
skewer. I think it was a WWII-era thing. We had it in the 40s and
50s. My mom made it just for a fun thing. And it tasted really good.