Sqwertz wrote:
>Here's my annual Christmas dinner plate 2011 for all my detractors to
>try and make fun of while making themselves look like fools.
>USDA Choice large end ribeye (from a 6lb+ roast), buttered brussels
>sprouts with crispy pancetta, jalapeno cheese bread, boiled oiled
>broiled blue cheese smashed potatoes, sautéed crimini mushrooms,
>Graber olives (genuine ones unlike last night) and the mandatory

Yeah, I'd eat that. I'm just not too fond of pepperocini... the beef
is just right, not raw. Only I'd rather the olives and peppers stay
on a separate relish tray and some jus on the plate for sopping,
perhaps some horseradish sauce.

>Here was my annual Christmas EVE grazing plate as well:
>And might as well throw this in there to lighten things up:
>(Yes, Jesus is made out of a Hillshire Farms Lil' Smokie and wrapped
>in Smithfield ham. Sheldon may be onto something after all...)
>Hope your Christmas diners were just as enjoyable or better :-)

Very creative/artsy fartsy. But I think I'd have dressed them in
kosher salami, in those flamingo pink ham mumus and dark shades your
wise men sure look like queer rappers/pimps. hehe Good job.