On Aug 15, 6:19*pm, Quadibloc <jsav...@ecn.ab.ca> wrote:
> I just came across a mention of the book "The Case of the Female
> Orgasm" by Elisabeth Lloyd. This book, from 2005, claims that the
> female clitoral orgasm exists for the same basic reason that the
> clitoris itself exists: as a byproduct of a shared genetic blueprint
> between men and women - just like male nipples.
> It examines 20 proposed adaptative explanations for the female
> clitoral orgasm, and offers refutations of each one.
> All I know about this book at the moment is what I've seen from
> articles about it and a few reviews. I'm going to try to make a point
> of reading it in the next few days.
> Apparently, though, it doesn't say a thing about the female vaginal
> orgasm. Perhaps it does briefly mention it as a myth due to Freud, but
> I suspect that it may not at all address the discussion of it in
> Elaine Morgan's _The Descent of Woman_. If so, that is a pity.
> John Savard