On Sep 9, 8:12*am, Bob O'Dyne
<b...@anodyne.nul.which.is.quite.invalid> wrote:
> "American beer drinkers, who once had little option besides gassy,
> mass-produced bathwater, may now choose from hundreds of beers of all
> shades, styles and strengths."
> http://www.economist.com/node/21562224

The article ignores the worldwide consolidation of brewers, with
Miller being owned by a South African firm, and Anheuser Busch by a
Belgian one. Coors and Miller have a distribution partnership.
Combined with what they did mention, the ownership of once-craft
breweries by the megafirms, one wonders how the market is becoming
more competitive, even if I can get an American-brewed hefeweizen that
tastes like a Schneider Weisse.