On Mon, 17 Oct 2011 22:27:10 -0500, Sqwertz <swertz@cluemail.compost>

>I've been dreading having to look into RFC all day, having not been
>here for a week, and I was able to skim through it in 12 minutes,
>finding nothing interesting except the same 'ol OT threads (161 posts
>on "Arithmetic"?, excuse me?) and the usual Muslim spam that seems to
>take up everybody's attention. The Andy threads, etc...
>Hardly anything about actual food.
>ObFood: The Vienna Beef Hot dogs (skin on) seem to get pretty tough
>skins when you cook them. I have tried everything EXCEPT
>boiling/simmering them, which I know is the standard prep for these.
>What good is a hot dog if you have to boil it? You can't grill it,
>you can't toast it, you can't fry it, you can't broil it and you can't
>even microwave it!

Shove it up your dwarf ass and enjoy... well you did ask.