Hello rec food cooking,

The Caribbean West Indies, Sorority-Fraternity -Tau Omega Alpa is a DC
no profit, we are host for Prison Inmate Day.
In order to raise money, we have an online shopping mall linked to
secure web sites.

If you are an online shopper, we welcome your business, or if you know
of any one that shops on line please refer them to this shopping mall
at www.cwisf.com or www.takevows.com or www.tauomegaalpha.com or
www.prisioininmateday.com they are all one site.

Our prison inmates need your encouragement and understanding. On
November 1, 2007 over 300 poems where mailed to prison inmates. On
that day, we lit candles to pray for all our children with hope that
they stay out of trouble and out of prison, and for our prison inmates
not to return to prison.

Pamela Peters