Last night after 10 days or so of company we were finally alone. I
discovered a medium sized boneless chuck I was going to use but didn't. So
being it was a use-it or lose-it I decided to make it.

Here's the departure for the braising liquid I deglazed the browning pan
with a bottle of Guinness's and a can of beef broth.

Normally I thicken the remaining liquid to make a gravy however I was gone
for most of the time it was cooking and when I returned the remaining liquid
was greatly reduced.

The bottom line? The reduced liquid was an extremely tasty and rich sauce,
which IMHO was due to the Guinness's.


Oh yes

1 pot roast (Browned)
1 bottle Guinness's
1 can beef broth
1 onion (large)
1 pack dry onion soup mix
Lots of carrots
Quartered Potatoes added 1 hour before serving.