#1 Bud from Kalifornia delivered a pizza for my birthday last month.

He got a list of pizza places on his fancy iPhone over the internet and
dialed them up and had them deliver a sausage/pepperoni jumbo pizza!

"Hi, I'd like a sausage/pepperoni jumbo pizza. I'm calling from California.
Do you deliver?" LOLOLOL!!!

Luckily it was only a few miles from me, in Media, Pennsylvania.

Cool trick! I'll have to do that come his birthday next year.

It was excellent pizza!!! Thin crust, like I'm not accustomed to. Went way
off my diet for that one.

Much appreciated birthday gift!

And I was all set to cook a chateaubriand and scalloped potatoes OR
something gourmet like that, dammit! Easy to claim, after the fact. LOLOL!