Pizza Hut: Garlic bread pizza??? <rant>

Just saw theTV commercial for this.
Nine-slices of garlic bread topped with
cheese and one topping for $8.99.

I saw the picture on their website. I
zoomed the image and it's a round fat
piece of "toast" with a thin film of
cheese and in the picture four thin
slices of pepperoni.

There's nothing to reference how big
they are! English muffin or bangle
sized? Certainly a lot of bread! for
litttle topping.

They're big on bread.

It says topped with cheese but didn't
say Mozzarella!

Maybe it's better than it seems on this
cursory inspection.

I've eaten at Pizza Hut exactly never,
when my niece who worked there, told me
they use imitation cheese.

They certainly have crazy deals. Who
wants a $10 box deal, a medium one
toping pizza, five breadsticks with
dipping sauce and 10 cinnamonsticks
with icing? Kids at sleepovers? Not in
my house, so to speak!

Nutritional info was non-existent on
their website or I just couldn't find