This from an artist friend. Play nice.

Greetings & Happy Pie Baking!!

Here are the details!!

Pie-1-1 is an emergency hotblog to help piers make it through the
holiday season. Hosted by the crack pieing duo of Catie Olson and Meg
Duguid, this blog is set up to help answer all your pieing questions.
From the scientific questions such as the molecular structure of pie,
to baking questions such as why is bacon grease in pie crust so
tasty. Duguid and Olson will also be on hand to give you tips on how
to make a pumpkin pie splat or an apple pie explode. Our hotblog is
here to help you, the pier make the most of your holiday season.

In addition, we'd like to share your prized pie with the rest of the
world via the interweb. Send us a photo of your pie that you think
could change the course in pieing. Give a little history of the pie
and the pie name.

Just email your questions and pies to [email protected] and
we'll post the answer within 24 hours. The hotblog is open 24/7.