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    Default PIC: Toasted pine nuts

    A very tasty snack by themselves, but absolutely wonderful in my signature

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    > A very tasty snack by themselves, but absolutely wonderful in my signature
    > salad.

    They are good, but around here, you have to really watch out for the
    cheap imported ones. A buddy of mine in Arizona recently had this
    problem (Pine Mouth). The bitter taste in her mouth ruined any foods she
    tried to eat and lasted for 2 weeks. She'd eaten some in a salad at a
    luncheon with a friend.

    Quoted from Wiki:


    "Risks of eating pine nuts

    A small minority of pine nuts cultivated in China can cause taste
    disturbances, lasting between few days to maximal a week after
    consumption. A bitter, metallic taste is described. Though unpleasant,
    there are no lasting effects. This phenomenon was first described in a
    scientific paper in 2001[11]. Some publications have made reference to
    this phenomenon as "pine mouth"[12]. The Nestle Research Centre has
    hypothesized that a particular species of Chinese pine nuts, Pinus
    armandii, is the cause of the problem. The suspect species of pine nuts
    are smaller, duller, and more rounded than typical pine nuts[13]. This
    finding has recently been confirmed[14]. In 1998 the FAO published a
    list of edible tree nuts, containing 29 species of pine nuts that are
    regullarly consumed somewhere in the world[15] and the aforementioned
    Chinese pine species were not included. Metallic taste disturbance,
    known as metallogeusia, is typically reported 13 days after ingestion,
    being worse on day 2 and lasting typically up to 2 weeks. Cases are
    self-limited and resolve without treatment[16] Möller[17] has postulated
    an hypothesis that could explain why the bitter taste appears several
    days after ingestion and lasts for as long. A well known physiological
    process known as enterohepatic recirculation (EHR) could play a key role
    in the development of PNS."
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