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    I chain sawed my lightening struck tree today... would never know it
    was there... cleaned up a lot of brush in the area too, and put all my
    tools away. I was soaked with sweat, had to get in the shower.

    My center cut loin of pork is now roasting in the oven.
    I harvested two perfect cabbages from my garden, wedged them into
    sixths and they are a simmer on the stove top in a bit of salted
    water... will have them with lots of buddah... no stupidmarket cabbage
    tastes as sweet as freshly picked, when sliced the aroma that eminates
    is intoxicating. I can hardly wait, two more hours, why are my cats
    pacing in the kitchen...

    A good and productive day.

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    Chemo Guest

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    On Sep 15, 1:10*pm, Brooklyn1 <Gravesend1> wrote:
    > *I was soaked with sweat, had to get in the shower.

    Did you play with your little pee pee?

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