To both of you, here's a piece that celebrates your 25th. There's something
about this that celebrates gently and with passion.
Mitsuko Uchida conducts and plays the 20th Mozart piano concerto with a
magical something special that I haven't heard, ever, live or on record.

Food Tonight: Bifteck Hache[hamburger] from Julia Child:

Mix together 1.5lb hamburger[15% fat]*, 3/4 cup very finely minced lightly
sauteed onions, one well beaten egg, 2Tb soft butter, .5 tsp thyme, salt and
pepper. Form into patties, about four. Very very lightly flour and saute
until just a bit over medium rare. Serve with pan deglazed sauce, or sauce
of choice.

Again, the best to you both,


*from a butcher you trust that grinds in house.