my chester insists on taking inventory in the freezer, dh says he even holds
his paw out and points at things never quite touching them then sniffing, i
have to watch as he often lurkes on top the frig, and if he has been nepping
instead of waiting to see the freezer i get his tail... when he first came
to us he got that same chilling experience in the bottom shelf of the frig,
when i finally figured out everything he came sauntering out, with a full
belly consisting of half a roasted chicken, Lee
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> On 12/25/2011 6:44 AM, Storrmmee wrote:
>> don't feel bad about the oven, the same thing happened to my mom, except
>> it
>> was my older brother when he was a toddler and he got through the baby
>> gate
>> while her back was turned... and the oven door was heated, Lee

> Years ago I had a little Siamese kitten. One day I couldn't find her. I
> looked for about an hour (in a one bedroom apartment, mind you) and had to
> go to an appointment. I came home and went into the fridge to get a cod
> drink and there was a real "cool cat". She had been "chillin' out" for
> about 3 hours.
> We were very careful to watch for the kittens whenever we opened the
> fridge. :-)
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