Last week some truck went by and tore out my cable. It was funny
in that it was a clean break and they took the cable, so I thought
someone came by during the middle of the day and stole the wire
off my house. Anyway.

Today, truck goes by, tears out my neighbor's cable and electric
wire! Road construction, detours, for some reason big trucks going
down my little street. Electric company is out there as we speak,
fixing the neighbor's wires.

All of a sudden I hear MEEEOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!
What kind of cat is that??? A cougar??

Loud. Where's my cat?? Oh, she's right here. Listening out the
door I hear what that REALLY LOUD cat call was.

The electric repair people were using microphones to communicate
with each other. One of them didn't turn it off when he put it on the
ground. The cat decided to hear how big he sounded on microphone.

That cat is probably not even in the same county any longer.