Letís say the following Sci-Fi scenario occurs:

A sample of fresh, raw [un-pasteurized, un-heated], annatto-free,
preservative-free, carrageen-free, carrageenan-free, polysorbate-free,
purely-natural, disease-free, completely-organic milk of a healthy
happy Jersey cow [who grazes solely on natural, organic, healthy,
pesticide-free pasture] is gently pumped into a hypothetical container
that is eco-friendly, health-friendly, air-tight, vibration-proof and
does not affect the affect the smell, chemistry, appearance, or other
aesthetic qualities of the milk. The tubes connecting the cowís udder
to the container are also eco-friendly, health-friendly, air-tight,
vibration-proof and do not at all affect the aesthetics of the milk.

The aforementioned hypothetical container lets in only the following

1. Any and all types of bacteria [including photosynthetic bacteria]
2. Any molds not classified as mildew [including slime molds]
3. Any microscopic fungi not classified as mildew [including yeasts]

Any organism that is not any of the above cannot enter the container.

In terms of light, the container and tubes let in any wavelength from
the longest wave near-infrared to the shortest-wave near-ultraviolet
[this obviously includes visible light]. Light outside this range
cannot enter the container or tubes and hence will not affect the

The container is kept in an area where it can receive direct sunlight
daily. The climate is warm and humid like the tropics.

A year passes by. Voila! I now have what I'm looking for.


Green Xenon