My biscuits would make great door stops.
The gravy for my biscuits, (if I left the pork out) would make terrific
But last night, after all the seasoning, injecting and marinating steps, I
did a 6.5 hour 'smoke/roast' (on my stove top) of a small pork chuck and it
was great. So all is not lost.
I did Myron Mixon's method (saw him on Sara's Secrets cooking show). He is
the World Champ BBQ'er and has won 'Memphis in May' (the Datona of BBQ'ers)
5 times in a row.
My cafe owner friend gave me two 'hotel' half pans and I used two spring
clamps to hold them together. Local hardware store had a 8" square cooking
pan (no stick), that just fit inside the 'hotel' pans and a oval rack that
just fit into the hotel pans. Clamps, pan, and oval rack were less than
Hickory chips on the bottom, then the square pan (with 1/2" apple cider in
it) on top the chips, the oval rack on the pan, the roast, the second hotel
pan inverted, the clips, the timer, and then a can of air freshener. Had to
replenish the chips about 10 times. This can be dangerous...the pan with
the boiling apple cider has to be removed to do this. I made two stiff wire
jigs to grab the rack with, and used two tongs to take the pan out...still
very dangerous.
Roast just pulled apart. Delicious and spicy, all the way through.
Garlic powder, but no garlic...still very flatulent (reason for the air
freshener, my hood handled the smoke with no problem), but that's the price
for a great pulled pork sandwich. May have been the mustard type cole slau
(Alan Harding's) in the sandwich(s). I did two chicken halves at the same
time, but not for so long, and I finished them uncovered in a 325 degree
oven...and they also turned out excellent.
Spent a whole day on this. . . .at least it kept me off the streets.

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