We're doing spare ribs today. While debating dry rubs versus mops versus
a sauce, I decided on a glaze or sauce to be painted on during the last
bit of cooking. Or at least that is the plan at this point.

Scrounging through the fridge I spy Barb's cherry jam and I know I've
made ancho-cherry sauce in the past, using dried cherries. Using half a
jar of Barb's jam as my base, I've added some ketchup, half a jar of
pepper jelly, some Coleman's dry mustard, salt, a bit of the vinegar
from some sliced jalapenos for a bit of heat, and lastly a bit of
Chinese Five Spice powder. I may have overdone that last item, but not
sure yet? It tasted pretty darn good up to the addition of the Five
Spice powder, but I'm not sure if it was the flavor I wanted?? I was
debating a little dried red pepper flakes.

I'll update the final taste test later. It might end up good!?