My name be Eboneesha, an African-American girl who gots a 120 on my
speelling test. I got
57% on the speling test and 30 points for being
black, 10 points for not bringing drugs into class, 10 points for not
bringing guns into class, and 10 points for not getting pregnut
the cemester. It hard to beat a score of 120%. The white dude who sit
next to me is McGee from the Bronx. He got a 94% on the test but no
extra points on account of he have the same skin color as the
opressirs of 250 years ago. Granny ax me to thank all Dimocrafts and
Liberels for suporting afermattaetive action. You showing the way to
true equality just like when herbal reunion come through my hood
fixing all tha buildings!. I gwine be gittin in medical skool nex an
mabe I be yo doktor.

Yo fren, Eboneesha