Ten days ago I peeled (zest only!) 12 lemons. I combined the peel with a
litre of 151 Everclear.

Last night I boiled one and a half litres of water with 5 cups of sugar
and added it to the strained everclear. (Actually, I strained out the
peels and set them aside and poured the Everclear into the sugar syrup.
Then I poured the mixture over the peels and let it sit for 15 minutes -
cuz that is what my friend told me to do!) Then I strained it again into
my big jar.

This is what I got:


My kitchen smelled sooo good.

My directions call for filtering it through cheesecloth every 15 days
for 3 months! I don't think I can wait that long.

I got the recipe from friends who made Limoncello as wedding favors.

( now on the lookout for pint bottles.....)