OK...well maybe not a kingdom, but I'm more than willing to part with some
cold hard cash to get a dozen or so turkey drumsticks. I'm dying to make
some homemade smoked turkey drumsticks but I might as well be trying to
find dodo bird wings.

Where in the hell do the drumsticks go after they make turkey breasts,
turkey tenderloins, sliced turkey breast lunch meat etc.???

I've gone to Bigg's, Kroger, GFS, Wal Mart, my local butcher and struck
out. GFS said they might be able to order them. My butcher is actually
trying to get me some from his supplier, but said it might take a while as
they will have to come from birds where people only wanted the breast. He
said hopefully they'd have a dozen or so in teh freezer in a week.

So my questions are twofold. Does anyone else see these around often, and
where do they go. I know Disney World serves them and that might account
for a few million or so, but where are they hiding? I suppose they could be
used in ground turkey, turkey sausage, turkey burgers etc. If so that
explains the rarity of finding just the drumsticks.