Went to the Auburn farmers' market this morning and got some cool stuff:

First-of-the-year sweet cherries
Broccoli greens (These intrigue me -- they are NOT the same as the Chinese
broccoli variants; they look very much like collard greens)
Swiss chard
French breakfast radishes
A loaf of "Woodstock" bread, which has all kinds of seeds in it
A baguette
A loaf of jalapeno-cheese bread
A big tuna (ahi) steak
A fairly-big fillet of petrale sole

We still have most of a bunch of basil from last week's market, as well as
most of three baskets of strawberries we picked up from a local stand two
days ago.

It's rainy and a bit chilly here today, so we don't feel like grilling.
Instead, I'll be cooking the tuna in a cast-iron pan and serving it in a
salad with a strawberry-basil vinaigrette. We'll also have the baguette and
some Trader Joe's "Garden Patch Veggie Soup" along with it. Dessert will be
the cherries, possibly augmented with cheese and port.

Tomorrow, I think the sole will be simply dusted with flour, cooked in
butter, and served with lemon wedges; I love it that way. Maybe some
buttered cabbage and glazed carrots on the side.

The young lady selling the broccoli greens mentioned that they could be
marinated instead of being cooked; I think I'll try that out sometime later
in the week. It won't be *too* much later in the week because my vacation
ends on Wednesday.