Thought you'd enjoy it.

Dear Miss Manners: I have an ongoing debate with my hubby over how to
eat popcorn. Although I know this could be considered a subject of
little importance and there might not be anything official to say
about this, it has become a small "bone of contention" in our family.
Perhaps you would be able to shed a little light.

Is it acceptable to reach into the bowl of popcorn using one hand to
acquire several pieces (five or six), which are then eaten, one by
one, with the other hand? The reasoning given for this method is to
keep the hand used for eating the popcorn out of the bowl.

Could this manner of acquiring the popcorn be considered to be
something similar to hoarding? Your opinion could possibly end a
dispute of about 14 years.

Gentle Reader: Then what are you going to talk about? Fourteen years
is a long time to invest in this interesting question, and Miss
Manners hopes that you have a substitute topic ready.

One of you has been reading too many package labels, where the number
of calories is kept small by keeping down the definition of a portion.
Such as on the carton of double chocolate fudge ice cream, where it
says "Calories per serving, 20. Serving size, 1/4 teaspoon."

One kernel does not constitute a legitimate helping of popcorn. It is
properly taken by the (repeated) handful. The sanitary argument is