For a mid priced range used clothing shopping experience, search
resale shops in your area. Resale shops offer all price ranges for
used clothing and are often more organized than a flea market or
thrift store. Be sure to have your children try the clothes on since
many of these stores do not allow for returns.

For newer used clothing, consider shopping in a consignment shop.
Consignment shops are often full of newer clothing that is offered at
up to 60% off the retail price.

If your children are internet users, set them up on an online auction
site to bid on the clothes that they want within a pre-set budget.
While there is a downside of not being able to try the clothes on,
this is a fun way to shop for your children. Online consignment shops
are also a great way to find newer clothes, similar to what you would
find in a physical consignment store. Both of these online shopping
styles will allow your kids to shop quickly, from the comfort of your
own home and the flexibility to shop in multiple stores without ever
leaving the house. This is sometimes easier for parents as well since
they don't have to drive the children to and from used clothing