I may possibly have invented this. I like it; perhaps you will too. It is
open to many possible changes and additions.

Take a burrito-sized tortilla; I use the whole grain version. Spread around
a half-cup or so of beans; I use canned whole pinto beans. Add an ounce or
so of thinly sliced cooked meat; I use chicken or ham. Take two or three
fairly thick slices of cheese and cut into fairly large chunks. Scatter
around. I usually use sharp cheddar. Put in a large oiled iron frying pan
or griddle, large enough so the tortilla can lie flat. Use medium heat
until the cheese is well melted and the tortilla is crisp. In my
experience, both occur about the same time. Slide it off onto a plate and
spread around fresh tomato slices. Cut into quarters and eat like pizza
slices. Surprisingly filling.

Makes a very nice change from bean burritos. My version has lots of fiber,
which I like in my diet. Perhaps you might want to add hot peppers,
mushrooms, etc. Another possibility is salsa or taco sauce, but I think the
tomatoes are enough.


"When you choose the lesser of two evils, always
remember that it is still an evil." - Max Lerner