A local store had ground chuck on sale in 5-lb. family packs.
I bought some and ended up making 12 hamburger patties. Put
9 in the freezer and ate the other 3 for dinner over the weekend.

I like my hamburger patties made of just beef. Nothing else.

On the burger I put a couple of slices of bacon, a slice of
sharp cheddar, a huge thick slice of tomato, some thinly sliced
onion, some romaine lettuce, and Miracle Whip. Heaven.

I got some really nice hydroponic tomatoes. I can't remember
when I've ever seen tomatoes this nice in the supermarket. They
were huge and deep red, ripe all the way through. Yum. A good
slice of tomato is essential to a good burger. And all the other
stuff, too, but the tomato really makes it. I just can't get
over these tomatoes. I'll probably never see their like again. :-(

Oh, and I had potato salad with the burger but it was Grandma's brand
from the store. Just didn't feel like dealing with making my owh.
It's actually not bad at all, though nothing like my homemade potato

For breakfasts I had TJ's everything bagels with Philly garden
vegetable cream cheese spread and TJ's sparkling pomegranate juice.

For dessert I had Drumsticks with the caramel centers.


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