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Thread: The McRib, rated.

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    ImStillMags Guest

    Default The McRib, rated.

    This is an article from CNN about tasting and rating the McRib.


    (snip).............. In the opinion of this certified judge, it tastes
    and feels not so much (or anything at all) like barbeque, but rather
    akin to a thin, wet hunk of mattress padding slathered in sharply
    tangy sauce and spiked with enough raw onions to make the Lincoln
    Memorial tear up. The pickles are good and the bun sufficiently
    pillowy, but it all comes back to that squishy, machine-formed slab
    that I described to a colleague in an IM as "creepy."

    It may not be my cup of barbeque, but that just means more for you.

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    Leonard Blaisdell Guest

    Default Re: The McRib, rated.

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    <[email protected]>,
    ImStillMags <[email protected]> wrote:

    > This is an article from CNN about tasting and rating the McRib.

    <snip pan of McRib>

    When they're at McDonalds every now and again, I love the first one,
    second is fine, third one is OK, and then they're gone. I start craving
    one after a year or two. They don't overstay their welcome.
    But I kinda agree with the criticism you supplied. They are sort of


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