The Man vs. Food show BUM!!!

The host is for lack of better words... AN IDIOT!

Maybe a few of the membership could accomplish the food challenges he tries,
but that would make them idiots too!

A Philly food challenge would be the two-foot cheesesteak!!! I tried one
once, but as soon as it was set in front of me, before a single bite, I knew
I'd lost the battle! And it's NOT a challenge. It's on the menu. No prize, no
record to be set, no photo on the wall, money, bragging rights, nada!

I'll pay to have YOU take a two-foot cheesesteak challenge!!!

Call me if you're coming to town for a two-foot cheesesteak challenge! I'll
cab you from the airport and truck you back! No over-nighters! PIG!!!

1-800-BUMSrUS (don't call!!! It's a sex line)