Last night you did ask,
Why I thought I needed the little blue pill,
It was a soft wiener I was wanting to mask,
So I could make our loving last longer still.
But with you, I need no pill For in my heart,
you do fulfill,I didn't want our loving to be iffy,
I just wanted a longer lasting stiffy.
I didn't want our love session to end quick,
That's why I wanted a longer lasting dick,
For it is you I wanted to please,
Not just give you a tease,
But with you I am at total ease,
Except for the wobbly knees,
I have found I can last as long as I need,
Sometimes it's fast,Sometimes it's slow,
It's your pleasure I don't want to blow,
So I want you to know,
It's not the little blue pill,
But your big beautiful blue eyes,
That I can not deny,
Is the only thing I need to get me high.